Stingray Trading offers a wide array of services for our customers. The diverse and unique needs of our individual customers requires us to be amenable to an ever changing business environment. If there are any services that you require that are not listed here please feel free to contact me directly at

Below are some of the services that we provide.

WAREHOUSING SERVICES: Stingray Trading, Inc. provides a complete warehousing solution. Bonded or Non-Bonded, Short term or long term, Stingray Trading can provide to you a complete freight storage service to fit your companies needs. Please feel free to ask us to quote your project directly by emailing me at

CARTAGE AND TRUCKING SERVICES: Stingray Trading operates its own US Customs bonded and Non-bonded trucking services for local cartage and national trucking services. Utilizing highly reduced interline rates Stingray Trading is able to offer you many of the trucking services that you need. We are also able to provide US Customs clearance and services and trucking from Canada or Mexico to our Container Freight Station here in Miami. Local Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County cartage rates can be found by clicking here. Please feel free to ask us to quote your project directly by emailing me at

IN BOND TRANSFERS: Many countries offer special or reduced import taxes and duties when that trade is between preferential countries who have established trade agreements. Many times the preferential trade duties can be applied even if the goods in the transaction are from a third party country that is not a party to the trade agreement. As a US Customs bonded container freight station (CFS), Stingray Trading is uniquely positioned to be able to handle this type of service. We are able to handle your container load or LTL cargo from one country and trans load it into a different container and ship it to you without your cargo ever entering into US commerce. There would be no payment of any taxes or duties so long as the goods are re-exported under our bond. Please feel free to ask us to quote your project directly by emailing me at

TEAR DOWN SERVICES: Stingray Trading has extensive experience and all of the equipment necessary to tear down heavy equipment. Large gauge air tools and heavy duty forklifts allow us to safely tear down your equipment and consolidate it into a container. We are able to containerize and or consolidate many of the popular models of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Kobelco bulldozers, back hoes and compactors as well as many cranes. Please feel free to ask us to quote your project directly by emailing me at

CARGO MANIPULATION: A lot of cargo is bought and sold or provided in bulk. Stingray Trading can repackage and or re-box your cargo to a smaller and easier to market size. Bulk cases of T-shirts can be re-packaged to include cellophane. Health and Beauty Aids can be repackaged from bulk pack to retail pack. Stingray Trading can also provide artwork, packaging and almost all of the services necessary to manipulate your cargo from one status to another. Please feel free to ask us to quote your project directly by emailing me at

PURCHASING AND SOURCING SERVICES: Stingray Trading can purchase for you tax and duty free any commodities you may need for export. Whether bed sheets, towels, health and beauty aids or auto parts, oil, lubricants, marine products, deck and engine, ships chandlery there is nothing that we cannot find for you. We can even manufacture high pressure hoses, wire and cable rigging, provide repair and return services and Florida licensed vehicle dealer services.

Weekly LTL & Vehicle Export Service to Belize City and San Pedro on Seaboard Marine.
USD$ 30.00 Minimums and rates as low as USD$1.95 Cu Ft All In. No Hidden Fees Guaranteed
40HC, Miami or PEV, FL-Asuncion, Paraguay $5950.00 Door to Port