Freight Terminology and Acronyms

At Manray Express we are sometimes perplexed at the constant use and change of meanings of freight terminology. In an effort to help educate our customers and sometimes even the help at Manray Express we felt compelled to put into words the meanings of the terminology and acronyms that are used in our industry and some of the peripheral industries such as Customs related terminology. Not every Terminology or Acronym is included. Just the ones we feel need explaining. Especially when the refer to additional fees.

Ironically there is even an Acronym for the description of an Acronym. The TLA or Three Letter Acronym can only be explained as purely a government invention.

If you know of any acronyms that we have missed or should have additional meanings please feel free to send us a note at


7512 The Customs form used to identify and detail the movement of cargo in bond from origin to destination. Also called the CBP Form 7512.
434 CBP Form 434 is the NAFTA Certificate of Origin
3461 A Customs form that summorizes the release of goods. Sometimes refered to as the Entry Summary. Also called the CBP 3461
6043 A document used to move goods in bond. Usually containers or consolidations to a CFS. Also Called the CBP Form 6043
7501 A CBP form used to describe in detail the goods being entered for consumption or bonded storage. Also called the CBP 7501
Air Waybill Issued by an Air Carrier to show the details of the flight for origin to destination between shipper and consignee. Usually Forwarders
BAF Bunker Adjustment Fee. This is a fuel surcharge usually in addition to ocean freight
BL Bill of Lading. The legal document used to show the method and movement of goods as well as title of goods from shipper to consignee
BOL Bill of Lading. The legal document used to show the method and movement of goods as well as title of goods from shipper to consignee
Bonded A Customs term that technically means Not Entered For Commerce or use in the USA. Everything that crosses a border into any country is technically bonded until it is entered for consumption or re-exported and released by US Customs
Bonded Warehouse Bonded Warehouses are facilities licensed by Customs and insured to hold merchandise duty deferred facilities. Manray Express is a bonded warehouse
CBP U.S. Customs and Border Protection of the Department of Homeland Security
CET Contraband Enforcement Team, A Unit or Team within Customs
CFS Container Freight Station. A bonded warehouse status used to hold merchadise temporarily. Manray Express operates this type of facility
CIF Cargo, Insurance and Freight
CNF Cargo and Freight. No Insurance
Consumption Entry An Entry for use in the United States that is submitted to Customs for the purpose of clearing the goods into the USA
DTC Direct to Consignee. Where a forwarder ships directly to the consignee and no destination agent ar agency is used or available
FOB Freight On Board. The point at which the transfer of ownership of goods takes place
Forwarder A company or person who offers the services of receiving tendered freight for the purposes of shipping or Forwarding it on to a different destination
FSC Fuel SurCharge. This is a fuel surcharge usually added to air freight.
FTZ Foreign Trade Zone or zone includes one or more restricted-access sites, including subzones, in or adjacent to a CBP port of entry, operated as a public utility under the sponsorship of a zone grantee authorized by the Board, with zone operations under the supervision of CBP.
House Bill A House Bill is a secondary and sometimes Sub-internal bill of lading. It may show the relationship of the actaul shipper and actual consignee
IBEC In Bond Export Consolidator. A bonded warehouse where bonded and non-bonded cargo are stored for the purpose of co-mingled export consolidation
IE, TE The abreviation of the status of a 7512, IE= Immediate Exportation, TE= Transportaion and Exportation.
NPF Non-Privileged Foreign (NPF) Status. One of the customs categories of foreign status merchandise. Such merchandise is evaluated based on its condition at the time it is shipped from the zone to the U.S. market and entered for consumption by CBP
PD Privileged Domestic. Merchandise in a Free Zone that is not subject to duty or duty has been paid
POD Port of Discharge
POE Port of Entry
WIT Warehouse Inspection Team, A Unit within Customs charged with monitoring bonded warehouses
ZR Zone Restricted. Merchandise under this status heading must be exported only. No other disposition is permitted